The relentless passing of time, that we have become accustomed to calling “growing up”, is nothing more than a constructed coming of age conditioning us to assume a so-called mature behaviour to match the numbers on our birth records. It happens to all of us. As we advance in life, we reach a point when we feel the urge to adopt a more subdued personality, to detach ourselves from what it has been and slip into something more comfortable. It’s a natural progression, an evolution in taste, interests and lifestyle. We appreciate the icons of our past but we are ready to marry the future. The evolution is not abrupt. Like the turn of a century, the anticipation around the event plays a bigger role than the event itself.

Sense of Symmetry is inspired by this progress. The continuous, slow transformation that life is. We are the bridge between what has been and what’s to come. We design silhouettes for those who are ready to move into a new era of style without letting go of their past entirely. Yes, we are an oxymoron. A link between past and future. We innovate by merging grails from the 90s with the contemporary. Our styles are born from the need to evolve.